Calvary Chapel Pastors' Widows

A ministry of Calvary Christian Fellowship North County

What does a Pastor's wife do...

...when she doesn't have a pastor anymore?
It sounds like a Disney cliche but it isn't.

A Pastor's widow is unique.

You not only lose your husband, but your title, your ministry, your church and even yourself.

You have spent part of your life listening to the same man preach...

...and probably worked and served along side him most of that time.

  • You may not have job experience outside the church;
  • You may not have adequate life or medical insurance;
  • You may have children to continue raising alone;
  • You must take over financial management of family, home, estate, investments;
  • You must work through grief, loss, and sometimes regret and anger;
  • You will experience loneliness and hopelessness after the cards and casseroles stop;
  • You will feel the loss of identity as the new Pastor's wife comes in;
  • You will feel the loss of your ministry as the new Pastor's wife takes over.

We will be your advocate.

"The LORD will destroy the house of the proud: but He will establish the border [territory] of the widow."
- Proverbs 15:25